Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inspiration {Colours of Dreams}

Strokes of red pinch and paint my runaway mind to a vast sea of blue, marine, purple shades of imagination. Too wild to be contained, too docile to be ignored. I am only but a dreamer of hope, a sensible mind of a relentless occupant of this world, waiting to discover all the wonders this world could offer. Yet, the only discovery one could possibly hope to feel and conquer is the greatest potential within oneself. Colours ignite such curiosity - orange, yellow, green, indigo, all endless possibilities, leads to countless frames of pictures imprinted in the mind. Some may stay longer, others may fade as time goes by. Most of all, this vignette of colours soaks up the emotional canvas that drives our little moments of hope, love, despair, anxiety, enthusiasm, sadness, and many more. But colours will always uplift one's spirits and feelings. Life will definitely be more beautiful with COLOURS. Let's paint our mind with colours that could only help to elevate us to a better space and a better tomorrow xoxo

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