Friday, April 8, 2011

Dream: {Dreaming of a good rest}

It has been an exhaustive task, to relocate and move every piece of you and the things that come with you and define what your life has been thus far. As if you are picking up every little piece of rock, pebble and some non-related pieces of items along your walk in the jungle, in this case, your life itself. I crave for a really good rest, to soothe the tired aches of my muscles, to iron out all stress that comes with it there after - the unpacking and rearranging of the new space, to make it more homely. It's an on going journey, I hope I am slowly, but definitely getting there one day! I need to just hit the bed and do nothing, just dream of beautiful dreams, dream of magical spaces that inspire and transform my life...dream of all things lovely and beautiful xoxo

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